Do I need a different mortgage for my property if it is rented?

Not necessarily, but your mortgage company do need to be informed that it is a rental property. 

Do I need landlord insurance?

Yes, landlord insurance is critical. It will assist in unforeseen damages to a property that could result in a large expense. An example of this could be that there is a water leak into a bedroom and the tenant has had to vacate. The correct insurance will cover any loss of rent and the tenant's hotel bill. 

I am thinking about buying a rental property in Bristol. Where should I look to invest and can you help me with this decision? 

Absolutely. There are many profitable areas to look within Bristol. We are very happy to advise and help you make a decision based on our extensive experiences. We are delighted to visit any potential properties you have found to advise. Do ask us to add you to our regular investment newsletter which is full of ideas for residential property investors. 

Can I leave some personal items in the property whilst it is rented out?

Preferably, all personal items should be removed as no one will have responsibility for looking after them if they are left in the property.

How long will it take to rent out my property?

Ideally we would look to visit your property 4-6 weeks prior to the date you wish tenants to move in. This gives us plenty of time for photography, marketing, viewings, references and preparation for the move-in day. 

What type of service can I choose from?

Abode have a variety of services depending on how involved in the short term and longer term you wish to be. For more information on the types of services we offer, visit our Landlord Services page. Please call us on 0117 973 8866 to discuss these.

If my property is managed, how often is it visited by Abode?

We carry out the first inspection when the Tenant has been in occupation for 3 months and bi-annually thereafter.  Following each inspection a report is emailed to the Landlord and photos provided where necessary.

When do I receive rental into my bank account?

If your property is a 'Let Only' we would transfer funds to you within 5 working days of move-in. If your rental property is fully managed, your funds would clear your account on the 15th of each month for the month in question.

What legal requirements are there in order to let my property?

There are actually less than you may think. Details of landlords' safety responsibilities can be found here.

Do I need a license for Houses of Multiple Occupancy? 

The regulations regarding HMOs can often be quite unclear. However, Abode have grown to become experts in this field and have a very close relationship with Bristol City Council. If a house is 3 stories or more and has more than 5 tenants who are not related, then a license will be needed. A license will only be granted by the Council in accordance with specific regulations. If you have any queries regarding HMOs, please contact us on 0117 973 8866 or Further information can be found on the Direct Gov website.

What are the regulations regarding fire prevention?

Fire avoidance is a duty of care and we recommend a minimum of 2 smoke detectors in hallways. The current legislation states that a landlord must follow fire safety regulations, eg check you have access to escape routes, make sure the furniture and furnishings are fire safe and provide fire alarms and extinguishers for HMOs. Further information can be found on the renting section of the Direct Gov website.

What deposit protection schemes should I use?

All landlords are now required by law to register their deposits with a deposit scheme. It is critical that this is done in speedily. Whichever service you request, we are happy to help and advise you through the different schemes and their processes. The two main deposit protection schemes we use are My Deposits and The Deposit Protection Service

I live overseas. Is this an issue?

Not at all. Abode has in excess of 100 landlords who live overseas. We will do everything for you, including regular inspections. Often at these inspections we’ll take photos or videos so you can see exactly how your property is looking.

What redress schemes does Abode use?

ARLA (Association of Residential Letting and Managing Agents), BALMA (Bristol Association Letting and Managing Agents), Property Ombudsman LETTINGS (D01994). Abode Property Management are a member of the following client money protection scheme; NFOPP (National Federation of Property Professionals)