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Our blog features useful advice for tenants and landlords including information about the current property market, changes to legislation and updates from the Abode team.

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How Landlords and Tenants Can Work Together To Reduce Rental Costs

With the cost of living having increased substantially in the last few years, tenants and <...

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10 Ways to Add Value to Your Rental Property

As a landlord you want to maximise your investment in a property, whilst providing good accommodation for your tenants. With View Article

Why Are Landlords Setting Up Limited Companies for Their Rentals?

Since 2017 the number of limited companies being set up by landlords holding properties has tripled, with View Article

Should you Buy a Property at Auction to Let?

If you're a UK landlord looking to expand your property portfolio or simply interested in buying a property to let, you may want to consider ...

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2023 Buy to Let Property Market Predictions

If you’re a landlord or interested in buying a property to let, the turbulent economic situation of recent months may have put you ...

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Should You Sell or Rent out Your Property?

Inheriting a property or being responsible for a second home can come with the question of whether it should be sold and the cash banked ...

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