6 Questions You Should Ask Your Landlord Before Moving In

Friday 2 February 2018 Tenants

questions to ask your landlord before moving in

Whilst most landlords and agencies will provide an information sheet of everything you need to know, to help avoid confusion when you do move into the property, here are 6 questions you should always ask your landlord before moving into the property.

Where’s the fuse box?

In the event of a power or appliance failure, you’ll want to be able to reset the RCD on your fusebox quickly to get the power back on. Be sure to ask your landlord where the fusebox is located and how it is operated if you are unsure.

Where are the gas and electricity meters?

You should ask your landlord or letting agency where the meters are located and which suppliers provide your utilities. If you’re paying for these yourself, you should be set up to receive letters about taking over contracts once you move in.

You may also install a smart meter at no extra cost, so long as you are responsible for paying the energy bills directly.

Who do I call if I have a problem?

Landlords and letting agencies will usually have a whole host of trusted contractors they use to carry out work in their property, these contractors usually offer special rates for landlords so it’s best to have their numbers.

Whilst you may be able to contact your landlord or letting agent about issues directly in most cases, having the locksmiths number handy will come in extremely useful (for both parties) if you find yourself locked out in the middle of the night. 

Who is the phone and broadband supplier?

Usually this is left to tenants to set up so they can choose their own supplier. However, the supplier is often dictated by the previous suppliers set and cabling. If you’re landlord or letting agent has a supplier already, you should let them know before switching.

Can I Redecorate?

This is again subject to the tenancy agreement. Most landlords and letting agencies don’t allow permanent changes, but are absolutely fine with you ‘making the property your own’; it’s always best to ask them before doing anything extensive to avoid any surprises.

Where is good to go out?

Just because you’re new to the area doesn’t mean you should miss out on the best places to eat, drink and visit. Your landlord will know the area better than most, so why not ask them for some recommendations. 

Can I Change Energy Suppliers Without My Landlords Permission?

This depends on the current agreement you have with your landlord. In some cases, you pay your energy supplier directly and in others, your landlord pays and charges you – this will have been outlined in your original tenancy agreement.

If you pay the energy supplier directly, you have every right to switch if you find a better deal, you should inform the landlord of your decision.

If your landlord pays and charges you, you’ll need to ask your landlord’s permission before charging – they don’t have to switch but it is certainly worth asking.

In either case, it’s always wise to communicate this change with your landlord first.

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